My View from the Tractor Seat
Spring 2022

Hi, I’m Randy Graf and I’m the New President of the Southeast Wisconsin Antique Power and Collectibles Society for 2022. For those of you that don’t know me I served on the Board years ago, served as Vice-President, then as President for a few years. So, I believe I do have some experience under my belt. My goal is to try to bring the Club and our Fall Harvest Days Show back to the quality and reputation that we had years ago. As you will notice this is the first written Newsletter we’ve had for a while. Not everyone has email or access to the Internet, so those that do will receive this through their email, those that don’t will get it in the mail. We did streamline the Membership list, but that should be to everyone’s benefit.

This year we are featuring Minneapolis Moline, but for a Raffle, thanks to Grove Outdoor Power in Union Grove, the Raffles are as follows. 1st prize is a Toro Zero Turn mower, 2nd prize is a Toro Walk-Behind Mower and 3rd Prize is a Stihl Chain Saw. The BOD felt these items would be a good sales tool for Raffle Tickets, we don’t have a lot of money invested and people can always use equipment across the board. The Club purchased the two mowers at a reduced rate and the chain saw was donated by Grove Outdoor Power. If you know them or patronize them, make sure you thank them for their support.

As far as support we are starting a Program for Sponsorships this year, more information to follow, but if you know anyone that would be interested, please let myself or one of the BOD Members know. Steiner Tractor Parts is back as a Sponsor after last year’s hiatus.

We have also been offered the opportunity to provide one or two benches at the Racine County Fairgrounds. There will be a new Rest Area constructed just North of the Tractor Tent at the Fair. The bench(s) will have plaques on them remembering the Members we have lost over the years, especially during the Covid situation. We will not have the room to put everyone’s names, it will just be a general remembrance plaque. But the Club is looking for donations, so if you would like to contribute in memory of someone, please let me know, bring a check to Club Meeting or send it in to our PO Box. The Fairgrounds has a standard bench they like to use, and they cost $1400 a piece. The Club will make up the difference in monies based on the donations and that will also decide if we do one or two benches. We must let the Fair know by May 1st. We have received about $250 as of 2/14/2022.

We have events scheduled for this year. On July 10th, will be our Annual Tractor Ride and Picnic. The Ride and Picnic are in the planning stages, but the Picnic will again be at the Dennis Vigneri Farm. The farm is located at 3000 136th Avenue in Kenosha County. As usual thanks to Dennis for his support. More info to follow.

We will have a Holiday Party at the Legion Hall on December 10th. Again, this is in the planning stages with more info to follow. Please keep these dates open on your Calendar.

The Show for this year is on the books, planning is going on. I’m trying to bring back our Indoor and outdoor Flea Markets. If anyone knows someone that would like to be a Vendor, please pass the word. Please let them know our Show will be “New and Improved”! I would like to fill the Outdoor and Indoor Vendor Spaces like they used to be. Our Craft Building did very well last year, but we can always do more. I have the Tractor Pull in our Pulling Sled’s schedule and it will be on Saturday Night. We have some changes coming in the Tractor Pull that should be to everyone’s benefit and enjoyment.

The date will need to be scheduled depending on the season and the weather, but we have a Plow Day tentatively scheduled for October. We have been offered a 38-acre site down in Kenosha County north of Hwy. 50 on Hwy. O. Details to follow.

Our application is in for 501C3 status. Just waiting for it to come back from the Feds and we will be a full-fledged 501C3 Club.

The Club owns an early 40’s John Deere LI that was donated to us from the Bud Baumeister family after Bud passed away in 2016. We really have not done much with it and the BOD has decided to sell it. This action was one of the options the Baumeister family gave us back in the day. The Club is asking $3500 OBO for the tractor. I have a picture, but I do not know the serial number as it is in winter storage at the Fairgrounds. If anyone has any questions or an interest, please contact me. It has been offered for sale at two General Meetings per our By-Laws. We can now sell it outright and it will go out for sale on the Internet if there is no local interest.

We also own an early Farmall “C” that was donated to us (I seem to remember it’s a 1951) that needs some engine work. It smokes pretty bad. We are looking for a volunteer(s) to do this work, the Club will provide the parts. If we do not get a volunteer(s) we’ll try to find someone to do this as an inexpensive proposition. I am willing to help if someone wants to take on the Project. Steiner Tractor will be supplying whatever parts we need at a reduced or wholesale cost.

We have updated our Facebook page and our website, so if you are able to use these venues, please follow us. I have already received a lot of positive feedback regarding the updated Facebook Page.

The BOD’s is recommending we use IH as the feature for 2023. Any questions, concerns, or interest in helping out please let me know.

With the latest changes in the Club and the Show, I’m asking the Members to be involved. Please help at the Show, come to the Monthly Meetings, watch for the upcoming changes. I (the BOD’s) can use all the help we can get. I promise this year will be better, but we’ll need the support and the help from everyone involved. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact me on my cell or through my email.

Thanks, Randy
Email –
Cell – 262-939-5660